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 Links for the Long and Forgotten 13th Zodiac sign Ophiuchus

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PostSubject: Links for the Long and Forgotten 13th Zodiac sign Ophiuchus   Sun Jun 14, 2009 4:40 am

I am not sure how many of you are aware that there was originally 13 zodiac signs, but there is. I was shown by a friend back in Dec. a few days before my Birthday that there was actually new info about the Zodiacs, and at first I was skeptical cause I was brought up to believe that there was 12 signs and that was that. But after reading the research she gave me I was convinced that there are 13 signs and that it was even stranger that I happened to be Born during the Time phase of that Zodiac Sign. So I continued to do more Research on it and found that the complete Personality Description was a complete description of who I was. So the research continued and continued, last I am completely convinced that I am an Ophiuchus through and through. Here are some Links for those who were Born during Nov. 30th - Dec. 17th and feel they are more than Sagittarius and believe in more than what we are fed by Society.

This is the sign of the Serpent handler, the Serpent bearer is a sign of alchemy or in modern days the HEALER. I suggest that if you want to learn more on this subject, Google "thirteenth sign". I hope you find this as interesting as I have.
Here are some sites to find some more info on this subject:

[Gates of Horn]
[What to do with Ophiuchus]
[The Thirteenth Sign: The Fallen Temple of the White Goddess]
[13th Sign: The Mayans Cosmic Curse]
[The 13th Sign: Ophiuchus-The Serpent Bearer]
[Astrological attributes of Ophiuchus]
[Wikipedia search]
[A Breeze from the Stars]
[Greek God of Medicine]
[The return of "He Who Cometh In Peace]
[find your fate: Ophiuchus]
[What is The 13th Sign?]
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PostSubject: Re: Links for the Long and Forgotten 13th Zodiac sign Ophiuchus   Sun Jun 14, 2009 2:17 pm

Wow... that is all really interesting, thanks for sharing it. Smile
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Links for the Long and Forgotten 13th Zodiac sign Ophiuchus
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