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 Need Kindle/Nook Versions of Both books

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Need Kindle/Nook Versions of Both books Empty
PostSubject: Need Kindle/Nook Versions of Both books   Need Kindle/Nook Versions of Both books Icon_minitimeMon Apr 25, 2011 3:53 am

How many here OWN an iPhone device (Generations 1 through 4) or an iPod Touch (Generations 1 through 4) or even the Nooks or Kindle Devices themselves, or a phone with the Android operating system on it and want to be able to read StarChildTrilogy's Books on those devices without having to worry about the store being on back order all the time, I live in MA and I was told that the books are currently unavailable because the Items are "IN HIGH DEMAND" by customers all over the country and world,

Barnes & Noble told me 4 days ago that they will not be able to receive any copies till June because it is in such High demand.

So I kindly ask you StarchildTrilogy (Jared), Please do us all a Favor and Make NOOK and Kindle Versions of the BOOK(S) so Most of us can purchase the books on OUR devices.

Your pal,

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Need Kindle/Nook Versions of Both books
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